Blue Circle

by Spencer Owen

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Ryan M As with 2012's "End Vogue", Blue Circle is made up of polished and perfected versions of tracks from Spencer Owen's demo years. I described "Deserve You More" elsewhere like this: 'a frenzied pop/soul track which discards the cool declarations of desire you might expect from that description, replacing them with sherbet-fuelled, increasingly petulant demands for attention. Hilarious and danceable, it opens with the irresistible pick-up line "Have you ever met a man with seven honorary degrees?"' Favorite track: Factory Message.
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BLUE CIRCLE is, by a revised count, Owen's 9th album. (The count is revised to exclude no fewer, and in reality greater, than 25 other albums that he has since excised from his "official" discography.) It is also his second collaboration with Santa Cruz-based producer and engineer Drew Stoeckel (James Rabbit), following 2012's END VOGUE. The pop songs on BLUE CIRCLE have been maturing for the better part of a decade, finding their most realized state here. Though the aesthetic represented is relatively restrained by comparison to his wild, lower-fidelity home recordings, it is nonetheless open to the artist's idiosyncratic desires, inspired by, in no small part, a quarter-life obsession with Prince.

The album also features two compositions by longtime friend and collaborator John Acquadro, based in New Jersey and otherwise known as Goodbye The Band.

Sincere thanks to everybody who qualifies as "a listener."


released March 20, 2014

Produced by Spencer Owen & Drew Stoeckel
Written*, arranged & performed by Spencer
Recorded, mixed & mastered by Drew
Album cover by Allison Dietze & Spencer

*"Fear Part 2" (from "Arrangement of..." & "Counting Out") and "Thomas Curse" written by John Acquadro




Spencer Owen Oakland, California

Of Spencer Owen Timeshare.

Elevator music for the best elevator ride of your life.

PRESENTATION, the debut album by Spencer Owen Timeshare, can be purchased on Bandcamp NOW.

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Track Name: It Work
I've been waiting ­­ trust me when I say it's been a long time coming
And I would not be lying if I said I could wait a little more
But please listen ­­ I urge you ­­ just hear me out this time
And tell me, what is the very, very last thing about me that is on your mind?

We will make it work
We will make it work
We will make it work
I will see, you will see (that)
We will make it work
We will make it work
We will make it work

One day you will get tired of the way your life has been
You will examine your connections and ask yourself which ones must change
Some of them, you will cut; some of them, you will repair
But there is one that will stand above them all, and when you know this, I will be there


In the not­too­distant future, you will understand it all
You will hear the words I've said tonight and be sure I made the call
And I will gasp and scream as if I were the least bit surprised
But you and I both know it is not luck that aids the wise

Track Name: Deserve You More
Have you ever met a man with seven honorary degrees?
They're all MFAs but for the sentimental phD,
and every institution on the list is from the Ivy League.
(The only reason Princeton ain't down is 'cause they're payin' me.)

Just stop lookin' for whatever you're lookin' for.
Nobody you meet is gonna ever deserve you more.

I don't know the details of your little quiz,
but I know that every answer's the same and I know what it is.
Don't try to tell me 'bout the difference 'tween Mrs. and Ms.,
'cause you may not be mine yet, but I guarantee that you ain't his.

Better you just stop lookin' and erase the scores.
Nobody you meet is gonna ever deserve you more.

I have never been surer in all my life,
but does it matter to you if the feelin' doesn't do you right?
I'm not sure how to prove these things to you,
'cause I could talk all night, but who exactly am I talkin' to?

Neither of us know what it is we're lookin' for,
but nobody you meet is gonna ever deserve you more.
Track Name: Laughs
Sometimes the earth moves underneath the wheels of a train
Freight rolls in place while the weight of the world spins aim­lessly below
Ca­reening through the space like an exercise wheel without a cage
With the right set of digits
and the wrong set of rules
you could even get a full time position as guard of the jewels

Some­times a list of facts can read exactly like a list of lies
Working in the service of a story that the author won't deny
And you will shovel but this coal comes from an endless supply
With the right set of thoughts
and the wrong set of truths
we present a package deal that you simply can't afford to choose

Sometimes a small child will attempt to control an older man
He will kick and he will scream but the child will always gain the upper hand
Sometimes it's a game and at others it's the "last and final" stand
With the right set of words that all mean the same thing
With the wrong set of bells 'cause they're just too dull to ring
And with each and every set comes a different song to sing
So you've got a steady gig but sometimes you can't compete
Because half the country's got the same thing
Track Name: Thomas Curse
"He built a ship, a sinking ship, a ship to sink another ship. He built a ship, a shrinking ship, a ship to shrink another ship."
Track Name: Set in Stone
you are set in stone but it's not my stone to set
your eyes deceive you
I just can't believe it's true that you would try to organize this coup
but what can I do?
you're the first in line but it's not my line to let in
my eyes deceive me
you're the true believer
you ­­ yes, you ­­ cannot be shaken loose
ooh ­­ it isn't up to you
you are set in stone but it's not my stone to set
words are channeled through you
I could never keep each phrase you said
what are your regrets?
ooh ­­ I could make a guess
you're the first in line but it's not my line to let in
words pass beneath me
you could hardly teach me what to say
I'll say "yes" anyway ­­ ooh ­­ or could be "no" today
yes, you are set in stone but it's not my stone to set
your eyes deceive you
I just can't believe it's true
Track Name: Factory Message
Green lines with gaps glowing spelling out the brand
In/formation would someone ever need to know?
The factory message must die.
It cycles through the time the time the other time
Entirely it blinks to say it's not alive
The factory message must die.
When I was young when I was young I stared and stared
Now I stare too despite the fact that I know better
The factory message must die.
Track Name: The Big Interruption
I fell out of the box suspended by the balloon
As I twisted and turned, air rustled my clothes
I moved and I asked, "Is this all there is?"
I fell and I screamed and it was all there was

It's something, it's always something
Just one thing to interfere with my plans
I can't tell when it'll happen
When something will interrupt me
I always make a schedule and it always falls apart
I can't say when it'll happen
But I know that it will happen

I swathed myself in a noise and someone knocked at the door
He busted open the lock and he let himself in
He said he ruled the world and didn't care for my thoughts
And then he found the noise and he made it stop

Track Name: In the Stream
Just yesterday I lay down in the stream
I noticed that I influenced the flow
What once went past diverted into me
A path ahead was now a link between
And then you came embedded in the liquid
Slowing down, speeding up, then almost standing still
Saw you hesitating as it opened up to me
Talked you into staying course and felt it finally
Nothing is the same
Interrupt is all we do
Space is not the same
Interrupt is all we do
Tomorrow you will lie down in the stream
You'll notice that you influence the flow
And I will come careening down the river
And you will see the intrigue that I mean
Nothing is the same
Interrupt is all we do
Nothing is the same
Interrupt is all we do
And someday we will never need the stream to lie in
Track Name: Counting Out
One, two, three: did I make the wrong decision?

One, two, three: did I pick the wrong time?

One, two, three: wait for one to go and two to go.

Left is three. Does that make it a crime?

"Fear, you know, is not just a feeling anymore. It's a town, it's a company that runs its own country; it's your life."

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